Vishay Siliconix PowerPAIR Co-Packaged Dual MOSFETs and Applications

One of the recent trends in electronic design is low power and high density of components on PCBs. As more and more low power MCUs appear in the market to provide more powerful design resources, the power stages components, especially MOSFETs become one of the bottle necks for further optimizing the balance between the power output and PCB space. The PowerPAIR family of power MOSFETs introduced by Vishay have provided designers the opportunities to simplify PCB layouts and optimize circuit designs, such as reducing parasitic inductance for lower switching losses and higher efficiency. By using Vishay’s low on-resistance PowerPAIR MOSFETs, the designers can easily realize the balance between the output power density and PCB layout space while retaining high performance at high efficiency. The Vishay Siliconix’s PowerPAIR MOSFETs are perfect fit in many applications, such as desktop PCs and laptops, set-top boxes, TVs, game consoles and servers, etc.


The PowerPAIR MOSFETs contains a pair of co-packaged high- and low-side MOSFETs to achieve low on-resistance and high current density with a much smaller size. As an example, Vishay’s SiZ700DT PowerPAIR dual asymmetric power MOSFET has an on-resistance of 5.8 mΩ at 10V and a maximum current of 13.9A at +70C on the low-side and 8.6 mΩ and 10.5A on the high-side.


The co-packaging of the high- and low-side MOSFETs forms an internally connected half bridge and offers flexibility of power stage design to support single or multi-phase designs. The Generation IV PowerPAIR MOSFET SiZ340DToffers 98.7% peak efficiency in a typical battery charger application. The below figure shows the power output efficiency vs. the output current.




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