Omron’s MOSFET Relays in World’s Smallest Class New S-VSON Package

Omron Electronics is offering the state-of-the-art G3VM MOSFET relays in a non-leaded, high current S-VSON (Super Very Small Outline Package Non-Leaded) package size. The MOSFET relays are designed to improve radiation performance and balance high current capability with a small size, making them ideal for ATE (Automated Test Equipment), medical, security, industrial, telecommunications, and power generation, etc. The MOSFET relays as a new member in the family of solid-state relays (SSRs), offer numerous advantages over the traditional electromagnetic relays (EMRs), such as small size, light, low driving current, long operating life, high-speed switching, low EMI, and high reliability etc. As electronics is trending towards high density, high speed and high efficiency design, the MOSFET relays have found more new applications in IoT (Internet of Things), 5G networking equipment, aerospace and energy harvesting, etc.


Omron’s MOSFET relays are circuits rather than conventional relays. They lead the industry in optical semiconductor technology, utilizing an input LED, Photodiode Dome Array (PDA) as the photocoupler and MOSFET chip in the load switching current. As shown in the diagram of Operational Principle below, when the input is present, a current flow through the LED to turn it on. As the LED is illuminated, the PDA converts its light into voltage which is used to synthesize the driving signal by the control circuit for the MOSFET block, which consists of double MOSFETs allowing both AC and DC current to pass in either direction accordingly.

Omron’s G3VM MOSFET – Internal Structure
  1. LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  2. PDA (Photodiode Dome Array)
Omron’s MOSFET – Operational Principle
  1. The LED illuminates when the input is applied.
  2. The light of the LED is converted into control signal via the photodiodes and control circuit.
  3. The control signal is applied to the gate of the MOSFET to turn on/off the output to the load.


  • Load Voltage: 30V, 60V, 100V
  • 1.5A Max. Continuous Load Current
  • -40°C to +110°C Operating Temperature Range
  • S-VSON package
  • 1a (SPST-NO) Contact Form
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Semiconductor Test Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Data Loggers


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