Texas Instruments TPSM84424 4A Power Module

Texas Instruments released its new power module TPSM84424. This new product is a full-featured integrated power supply including a 4A DC/DC converter with switching MOSFETs, control circuitry, a shielded inductor and several passive components in a low profile QFN package. This highly integrated power module requires very few external components to achieve a very capable performance as a synchronous step-down converter. TPSM84424 accepts a wide range of inputs, from 4.5V to 17V and provides an output voltage ranging from 0.6V to 10V. The adjustment of the output voltage can be achieved easily by setting the external resistor divider. The switching frequency from 200kHz to 1.6MHz can also be adjust easily with an external resistor or via a synchronization clock to accommodate various input and output voltage conditions and gain high efficiency up to 96%.

Texas Instruments TPSM84424 4.0A Power Module in QFN package

The TPSM84424 is implemented with the TurboTransTM technology that optimizes the transient response for smooth output voltage without need of large output capacitance. TPSM84424 provides many built-in monitoring and protection features, such as Power Good output, programmable UVLO, tracking, pre-biased safe start-up, overcurrent and overtemperature, etc.

Texas Instruments TPSM84424 4.0A Power Module Functional Block Diagram
Applications of TPSM84424:
  • Telecom and Wireless infrastructure;
  •  Industrial automated test equipment;
  •  Enterprise switching and storage applications;
  • High density distributed power systems;
Texas Instruments TPSM84424 4.0A Power Module Typical Application Schematic

 Read more at: http://www.ti.com/product/tpsm84424

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