Maxim Integrated MAX17055 1-Cell Battery Fuel Gauge

Maxim Integrated MAX17055 1-cell battery fuel gauge is now available for application designs. The accurate, highly integrated IC monitors a single-cell lithium battery pack and enables programmable diagnostic functions for multiple performance metric parameters such as voltage, temperature, current, and state of charge (SOC). The ultra-low power fuel gauge itself consume only 18µA in active mode and 7µA in standby mode.

Maxim Integrated MAX17055 -Cell Battery Fuel Gauge is available at

The Maxim MAX17055 fuel gauge IC measures the charge being held by a battery and estimates how long the battery can continue outputting useful power with the same load condition. The IC implements the Maxim ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm, which eases implementation by eliminating battery characterization requirements and simplifying host software interactions without needs of complex configurations. It also provides tolerance against battery diversity for many kinds of lithium batteries and applications.

The MAX17055 IC automatically compensates for cell aging, temperature, and discharge rate, and provides accurate SOC in milliampere-hours (mAh) or percentage over a wide range of operating conditions. As the battery approaches the critical region near empty, the ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm invokes a special error-correction mechanism that eliminates any error. The IC also provides three methods for reporting the age of the battery: reduction in capacity, increase in battery resistance, and cycle odometer.

The MAX17055 IC is ideal for battery fuel gauge applications in smartphones, wearables, tablets, health & fitness monitors, wireless speakers, home & building automation, portable game consoles, toys and medical devices.

Typical application schematics

Maxim Integrated MAX17055 -Cell Battery Fuel Gauge Application Schematic – Maxim Integrated

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