PUI Audio Small Size Low Distortion Waterproof Speakers Great for Battery Powered Portable Applications

PUI Audio’s innovative small size speakers are designed for cutting-edge applications, such as consumer electronics including smart watches, GPS, security systems as well as industrial and medical equipment.

PUI Audio Slim-Line (15mm x 11 mm) Micro Speakers are suitable for battery-powered space-limited applications. The Slim-Line products are not only suitable for popular consumer electronics, but also find great applications in emerging technologies, like wearables, IoT and home automation. The Slim-Line speakers are available in two options, spring contacts and solder pads mounting. Packaged in small housing, the Slim-Line Micro Speakers feature the class leading resonant frequency below 600 Hz for better acoustic performance. PUI Audio Slim-Line Micro Speakers include 4 unique parts featuring IP65-rated waterproof faces.

PUI Audio Slim-Line Micro Speaker Technical Specifications

PUI Audio Slim-Line Micro Speaker Frequency Response Comparison
PUI Audio Slim-Line Micro Speaker Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Comparison


  • 15mm x 11mm speakers with Neodymium magnet for 94dB sensitivity
  • 7W continuous, 1W maximum power handling and 8Ω impedance
  • Waterproofed face meets IP65 requirements when properly mounted


  • Space-limited applications
    • Cell phones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Wearable technology
    • IoT devices

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