Melexis QVGA ToF (Time-of-Flight) 3D Camera Sensor

Melexis offers a complete 3D ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor solution with the MLX75023 ToF sensor and MLX75123BA ToF companion chip. The new chipset enables real-time 3D imaging with excellent background sunlight robustness. The Melexis MLX75023 is a 3D ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera sensor providing QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) resolution and robust 3D imaging based on the high dynamic range DepthSenseTM technology. MLX75123BA companion chip is designed to directly connect to the Melexis MLX75023 ToF sensor.

Figure 1 Block diagram of Melexis 3D QVGA ToF Camera Sensor Soltuion

Applications of Melexis 3D QVGA ToF Camera Sensor

Figure 2 Melexis 3D point cloud image created by taking in account the lens FOV parameters and the distance data
Figure 3 Melexis MLX75023 optical ToF Camera sensor for Car passenger detection
Figure 4 Melexis MLX75023 optical ToF Camera sensor for occupancy and steering wheel hands on-off detection
Figure 5 Melexis MLX75023 optical ToF Camera sensor for Real-time body pose detection

MLX75023 ToF QVGA Sensor

Melexis MLX75023 is a fully integrated optical ToF camera sensor array that features a QVGA resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (15 x 15 µm pixel) based on DepthSenseTM technology that allows up to 120 klux background light rejection in typical application conditions. MLX75023 includes high-speed analog outputs that enables a raw frame rate of up to 600 fps. Combined with a modulated light source, MLX75023 is capable of measuring distance and reflectivity at full QVGA resolution. MLX75023 is available in automotive and industrial grades in a small glass BGA (6.6 x 5.5 x 0.6 mm) wafer level package. MLX75023 ToF camera sensor enables robust 3D real-time imaging with minimal post-processing cost.

Figure 6 Melexis MLX75023 ToF Sensor Typical Connection Diagram


  • 320 x 240 DepthSense™ TOF pixels
  • 1/3” Sensor format (4.8 x 3.6 mm²)
  • High ambient light robustness
  • Spectral response in range 800-900 nm
  • Suitable for LED or laser illumination
  • Sensor modulation frequency up to 40 MHz
  • 600 FPS raw image framerate
  • Small glass BGA package
  • Ambient temperature range: –40 to +105 °C


  • Gesture recognition
  • Automotive driver monitoring
  • Surveillance and people counting
  • Robot vision

MLX75123BA ToF Sensor Companion Chip

Figure 7 Block diagram of Melexis 3D QVGA ToF Camera Sensor Solution

Melexis MLX75123BA is a fully integrated companion chip for Melexis ToF sensors, such as MLX75023. MLX75123BA is intended for both automotive and non-automotive applications, such as gesture recognition, driver monitoring, skeleton tracking, people or obstacle detection and traffic monitoring. MLX75123BA can connect to multiple Melexis ToF sensors and control them with the configurable sequencer. It has four high-speed ADC channels that can convert the analog sensor signals with 12-bit resolution. The digital camera data is provided through a parallel camera port. The MLX75123BA provides a synchronized control signal for driving the modulated light source that can be LED or laser. The companion chip includes an I2C interface up to 400 kHz for system control. Combined with a Melexis ToF sensor, such as MLX75023, MLX75123BA offers a cost-effective, integrated ToF 3D camera solution. The device is available in a compact 7 x 7mm AQFN package.

Figure 8 Melexis ToF Sensor Companion Chip MLX75123BA Block Diagram
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