STMicroelectronics’ VL53L1X ToF Proximity Sensor detects distance up to 4 meters

Mouser announced it began to stock STMicroelectronics (ST) VL53L1X ToF (Time of Flight) Proximity Sensor. VL53L1X is the third-generation laser-ranging sensor based on ST’s patented FlightSenseTM technology that is capable of multi-zone and multi-target detection. It’s reported that VL53L1X is the fasted miniature ToF proximity sensor on the market with a long-distance measurement up to 4 meters and fast-ranging frequency up to 50 Hz.

The ST’s third generation ToF Sensor VL53L1X combines state-of-the-art new technologies, including a 940 nm laser driver and emitter, a single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) photodetector array and programmable ROI (region-of-interest). The new technologies implemented on the VL53L1X offer exceptional ranging speed, reliability as well as multizone operation control.

The working principle of ToF proximity sensors

The VL53L1X ToF sensor provides an I2C digital interface up to 1 MHz and uses a single power supply to make it a drop-in replacement for the previous generation VL53L0X sensor.

STMicroelectronics ToF sensor VL53L1X has the I2C digital interface and ST provides VL53L1X driver package that is convenient for user application development

Featuring low power, high accuracy and a versatile design to support laser-assisted autofocus and video focus tracking assistance, VL53L1X is perfect for many applications, including user detection in personal computers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart vending machines, smart vacancy detection, smart city, smart lighting, service robots, and drones.

ST’s latest Time-of-Flight proximity sensor VL53L1X based on its FlightSense technology is perfect for IoT devices, smart lighting, robots and drones

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