CES® 2019 Highlights – Part 4 Best Smart Home Products

CES 2019 provided a bigger stage for smart home products compared to previous CES shows. Today, many consumer products can be categorized as smart products, such as TVs, kitchen appliances, thermostats, security systems, switches and plugs, etc. These smart products are created for better usage and services in modern homes. With ever broader Internet use at homes, these products are mostly Wi-Fi connection ready. With more and more connected products being used in homes, the list of smart home products has kept growing. As we have learned from CES 2019, we may not be able to exhaust all the smart home products that introduced in the show in a short article like this. But, we do have a rough idea about the best of them based our criteria.

Klipsch Smart Speakers

Klipsch introduced five new soundbars at CES 2019, from 40 inches to 54 inches in width. The Klipsch Bar 48W smart speakers have built-in support to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as Apple’s Airplay 2, which means we can control the smart speaker from our smartphones and integrate it easily with Apple Home. Another nice feature is that it supports DTS Virtual: X surround sound to offer unique sound experience.

House of Marley smart speaker – The Get Together Mini with Google Assistant

House of Marley has reputation in high-end audio kit made from environmentally friendly materials. It announced its first smart speaker at the CES 2019. This House of Marley Get Together Mini smart speaker with Google Assistant is their newest Bluetooth speakers. The frame of the speaker is made of bamboo, aluminum and its signature Rewind fabric that is made of organic cotton, hemp and recycled plastics. The Get Together Mini smart speaker has built-in Chromecast for seamless multiroom playback. It can also be used as a USB power bank to charge phones or other devices.

Eve Energy Strip

CES 2019 was such as hot bed of many new smart switches, plugs and sockets for more safety, higher energy efficiency and better use of the power. Eve announced the Eve Energy Strip at the CES 2019 alongside the Eve Light Strip. The smart plug has a black housing that sits inside of an aluminum frame. The smart power strip provides three outlets that are Apple HomeKit compatible. The three outlets can be either controlled independently or together. The smart Eve Energy Strip can monitor power consumption and can be used for scheduling or voice control of connected appliances with the Home app or Eve app. The Eve Energy Strip also offers protections to the connected devices from power surges, over voltage and overload.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo has started its Smart Home Essentials series products that include the Smart Display. At CES 2019, Lenovo introduced it newest smart home product to the series, the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant support and a 6W speaker. The Lenovo Smart Clock has a 4 inches IPS touchscreen display that can wake you up with the smart lighting with desirable settings. Taking in more intelligence, the Smart Clock can make more friendly alarm to wake you up than conventional alarm clock. With the built-in Google Assistant support, the Lenovo Smart Clock can take voice command for more advanced tasks. The Smart Clock can be used for streaming movies on the TV linked to a Google Chromecast.

Mui Smart Display

Mui Lab introduced this CES 2019 award winning gadget at the show. The looking of this smart display is just like a piece of fine wood. The wood surface houses a touch-sensitive interface that can display lots of visual information and can control various functions via touch. The smart display can be used to serve as thermostat, clock. Weather station, lighting dimmer, text-based message board and interface to access your voice mail. With the built-in support to Google Assistant, the Mui Smart Display can display the voice response in text or read it out.

Capstone connected home smart mirror

Capstone Connected Home’s Smart Mirror is a Google Voice Assistant enabled smart display with touchscreen. With the Google Voice Assistant support, we an use the Smart Mirror to plan on commute, check on weather, stream YouTube video, access social media feeds or even run downloadable apps. With Google Assistant, you may also access your Google Drive or type out emails on the touchscreen. With the looking of a traditional mirror, the Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror can blend in seamlessly in any house.

Evovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs Robotics showcased their newest robotic cleaner line-up at the CES 2019. The Deebot Ozmo 960 is the most comprehensive home-cleaning robots to the global market. It delivers the idea that robotic intelligence is home. The Deebot Ozmo 960 has an AI-powered core that utilizes advanced machine learning to create optimal cleaning plan for you. The technology behind Deebot Ozmo 960 is called AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation that enables the robot to detect objects like cloth and cables to avoid damage useful items left on the floor, such as clothes and socks. Ecovacs Robotics has developed the algorithm that enables the Deebot Ozmo 960 to identify 500 objects. The company plans to develop more obstacle models in near future to help the robot avoid any possible tripping hazard around the home.

Eve Light Strip

Eve showcased the Eve Light Strip LED light strip at CES 2019. The Eve Light Strip is compatible with Apple HomeKit. The bendable LED strip measures 2 meters long with 1800 lumens. The Eve Light Strip works seamlessly with the Apple Home app and Siri. You can use your iPhone app to change the colors following the saved presets or create new scenes. The Eve Light Strip can be cut at one-foot intervals for small lighting areas or it can be extended to 32.8 feet by adding extensions. The smart LED strip comes with adhesive on the back to allow attaching the strip to almost anywhere you want, under the couch, shelves, countertop, or behind the furniture.

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

Philips Hue announced several new products in its outdoor smart lighting product lines at the CES 2019. As many companies are competing in the indoor smart home products, Philips Hue take the lead in developing outdoor smart home product. The new Philips Hue Outdoor products include the Hue Outdoor sensor, which is a motion sensor powered by batteries and the power switch controlling the lighting system. The motion sensor detects the presence of the moving object and the system controls the power switch to turn on the light. The control of the lighting system by the Hue can be customized with the app. It’s very convenient to install the Philips Hue Outdoor sensor. It can be placed on any flat surface in the garage, garden or front porch with 12 meters of range. The built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor switches on the sensor only after it’s dark to save battery.

Ring Door View Cam

Ring announced 13 new smart home security products at the CES 2019. Among the 13 new products, the Ring Door View Cam is the popular one that has attracted lots of attention. Like the Ring Doorbell for replacing the traditional door bell, this new Ring Door View Cam is to replace the peephole. The Door View Cam is wireless and its power source is a rechargeable battery pack that is located on the inside of the door. The device provides motion detection and it streams 1080p HD video directly to the smartphone using the Ring app. The app also allows you to talk to the person standing in front of the cam. The most intriguing feature this cam offers is the built-in impact sensor that can detect the knocking on the door. The Door View Cam can be answered or activated via an Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Alexa-enabled tablet.

Arlo Security System

Arlo’s security system features an all-in-one Multi-Sensor that can detect almost any kind of threat that can present at any home, such as windows and door opening or closing, motion, smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, the sound of gas leaks, temperature changes and even more. The Arlo Multi-Sensor will notify you immediately through the Arlo app installed on your smartphone if any monitored parameters change in the home. Arlo allows you to set the Multi-Sensor to trigger other Arlo devices connected to the Arlo Smarthub. Arlo also offer the standalone Arlo Siren that runs on batteries and can be controlled by the Arlo Remote. To enhance the use of Arlo Security System, Arlo announced the Works with Arlo program to facilitate the connection of Arlo devices to other companies’ smart home products, such as Bose, Leviton, Philips Hue, Schlage, etc.

Maximus Video Doorbell

The Maximus Video Doorbell is unique that it has two cameras, the top camera is a 1080p HDR camera with 180° view angle and the bottom camera is a HD camera. The two cameras of the Maximus Video Doorbell both offer colored night vision with six high-power infrared LEDs. With dual-camera configuration, the homeowners can not see the faces of the visitor, but also the full-length bodies as well as the packages on the ground. The Maximus Video Doorbell supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice command control.

Lutron Caseta Fan Control Smart Switch

Lutron Electronics announced its newest ceiling fan control to its smart lighting system products at the CES 2019. The fan speed control allows wireless controls of the ceiling fans from anywhere inside or outside the home via the Lutron Pico Remote Control within 30-foot range or from the smartphone with the app.

Ecobee Switch+

Ecobee Switch+ has Amazon Alexa built in, which makes the Switch+ exactly an Alexa Echo compatible device with the built-in microphone and speaker. The smart switch also has a motion sensor that can tell if it can turn on or off the lights based on the occupancy of the room. Surprisingly the Switch+ has a temperature sensor that can provide temperature entry from its location to the Ecobee smart thermostat.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Switch

TP-Link announced its new Kasa line of smart home products at the CES 2019 including the Kasa smart light switch with voice assistant built-in. The Kasa smart light switch has two built-in microphones and a speaker. It provides motion detection using an occupancy sensor and a night light. With the built-in speaker and the Wi-Fi connectivity, the Kasa smart switch can be used for streaming music. Having a smart speaker and the built-in microphones, the smart light switch can be also used as a chime or an intercom with Kasa Smart Video Doorbell.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Power Outlet

TP-Link also showcased it Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet that are for lamps and small appliance controls. The in-wall smart outlet has a very sleek looking to make it attractive option to replace the traditional outlets. The smart in-wall power outlet provides two outlets that can be controlled independently or together according to the set scenes. It can be controlled on your smartphone with the Kasa app. The built-in voice engine supports Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. Another security feature it offers is the away mode that it turns connected devices on and off randomly throughout the day to make it appear you’re home.

ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet

ConnectSense introduced the ConnectSense In-Wall Smart Outlet at CES 2019 with 15 and 20 amperes versions. The smart outlet has two receptacles that can be independently turned on and off. The user can use the touch sensitive button to control the smart outlet and monitor the power usage. The ConnectSense Smart Outlet supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, which allow you to voice-control other connected devices, such as lamps, fans and appliances. The smart outlet supports Wi-Fi and ZigBee to enable you to use the outlet with or without a smart home hub. While being used, the smart outlet can be monitored via the ConnectSense app for energy consumption as well as the temperature of individual outlet and warns you if the over temperature condition is reached.

Pria home healthcare digital assistant

Stanley Black + Decker introduced the Pria Home Healthcare Digital Assistant at CES 2019. The Pria Home Healthcare Digital Assistant can help elderly people with daily management of medications. The Pria supports voice assistant and can be accessed via smartphone app that allows healthcare provider to monitor the patient’s medication and health care schedule without or at most with minimal invasion into their lifestyle. The Stanley Black + Decker Pria is HIPAA compliant. The Pria can be used with Black + Decker’s Omni mesh Wi-Fi system to monitor the patients’ movements around the home. The Pria also supports video calls and automatic medication dispensing.

The GE Kitchen Hub

GE Appliances showcased the GE Kitchen Hub at CES 2019 with a new price tag and release data. The 27-inch over-the-range hood smart touchscreen display is designed to be the head level control and information center in the kitchen if not the whole home. The Kitchen Hub includes recipes and guided cooking via SideChef and with the GE Appliances U+ Connect platform, it also supports streaming music and movies, video chatting and social media. Via the U+ Connect, the Kitchen Hub can perform smart home controls and voice-command based control using Google Assistant. There are two cameras are included in the Kitchen Hub, a front facing camera and a overhead camera. With the built-in Google Assistant, the user can generate grocery shopping lists, check recipes or voice-control other connected devices.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Video Doorbell

TP-Link added the smart video doorbell to its Kasa Smart product lines at CES 2019. The Kasa Smart Doorbell has a built-in 2K HDR camera that is above the standard 1080p cameras used by many other security systems. The camera also features a built-in infrared LED for night vision capability to sharp imaging even in the dark. It has hardware-supported facial recognition that enables it to distinguish the family members from strangers, as well as differentiate between people and other objects. The Kasa Smart Video Doorbell is a wired doorbell requiring installation.

Lockly Secure Pro

Lockly showcased its secure home concepts at the CES 2019 by introducing its latest Secure Pro products. The Lockly Secure Pro supports Amazon Alex and Google Assistant currently and will work with Apple HomeKit later. It provides access from anywhere via the included Lockly Secure Link Wi-Fi hub. The user can lock and unlock the door with the Secure Pro that also is able to let the user know if the door is open of closed via voice assistant or the Lockly app. The Lockly app allows the property owners to create and share the access codes for family, friends or renters. The Lockly Secure Pro supports five ways of unlocking the door, fingerprint scanner, voice assistant command, the app, a physical key and a keypad. The keypad based on Lockly’s patented PIN Genie Technology is so laid out that you need press the numbers multiple times to get to the right one, a feature that offers more security. The keypad is not static but changes every time when someone gets to the door.

Whirlpool WLabs Connected Hub Wall Oven

Whirlpool introduced its new WLabs smart countertop oven that utilizes augmented reality (AR) to direct cook, like which rack to place the food. An internal camera can be activated via a smartphone app to show the process of cooking inside the oven and you can even zoom in for a close-up check on the food. The smart oven has a 27 inches transparent LCD display on the front door that can provide cooking recipes. When a recipe is pulled out, it will tell the ingredients and where to place the food on the racks. The smart oven can detect the type of food, either fresh or frozen, and can tell the difference between chicken, beef, fish or pizza and a bowl of soup. The oven provides 11 different modes, bake, broil, convection bake, convection roast, toast, reheat, proof, dehydrate, air fry, slow cook and keep warm. Of course, the oven supports voice command via Alexa and Google Assistant. A built-in thermometer is used to check if the food is done.

Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent toilet

Kohler debuted its new Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet at the CES 2019. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet with KOHLER Konnect delivers hands-free control, personalized cleansing functionality and exceptional water efficiency. The users can enjoy every aspect of the experience from ambient colored lighting to wireless Bluetooth music sync capability to the heated seat. The Numi 2.0 offers surrounding lighting around the base and back panel dynamic lighting illuminating the bathroom space. The Numi 2.0 comes with embedded Amazon Alexa for voice control of the toilet functions as well as checking weather, traffic, accessing news, etc. With the KOHLER Konnect, the Numi 2.0 can be controlled via voice, KOHLER Konnect app, the remote or automatic mode using the internal sensors.


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