Nanosys and Its Quantum Dot Technology


The backlighting is important for LED TVs that it ensures the display quality. It determines how the color to be generated and what lights to be put on the screen at the right time. From CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) to LEDs, backlighting in LCD TVs have gone through the path of eventual improvement. While LED backlighting is prevailing, variety is existing. The blue LED backlighting is the most used and has advantages over the old white LED backlighting. However, blue LED backlighting does not do perfect job for generating the best blacks that usually look brighter than they should be, an effect called light-bleeding. A workaround for light-bleeding is to dim the LED backlight in the dark areas to create more realistic blacks. However, this improvement results in cost increase. TV manufacturers like Samsung have worked with quantum dot material manufacturer Nanosys to introduce the quantum dot technology to create pure monochromatic red, green, and blue lights in QLED TVs.

Nanosys, headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is a leading developer of Quantum Dot technology for LCD, OLED and microLED displays. Nanosys Quantum Dot products are used in LCD backlighting applications, such as QDEF (Quantum Dot Enhancement Film) or QDOG (Quantum Dot on Glass). Founded in 2001, Nanosys has partnered with leading display manufacturers, such as Samsung, BOE, Hitachi Chemical and LG, for making bright, colorful and energy-saving world-class tablets, TVs and monitors. Nanosys’s leading Quantum Dot backlighting technology stems from its state-of-the-art nano materials fab located in Silicon Valley, CA. The Nanosys fab has a production capacity of 50 tons of their Quantum Dot ConcentrateTM materials.

Nanosys Products

Nanosys’s Quantum Dots product lines consists of three families, Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dots, HyperionTM Quantum Dots, and the original lowest cost Quantum Dots.

  • Traditional Quantum Dots

Nanosys has produced the Cadmium-Selenide Quantum Dot materials with the highest performance since 2013. These traditional Quantum Dot materials are still popular for the excellent performance, low cost and robust reliability.

  • Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dots

Nanosys offers the Quantum Dots without any heave metals, such as Cadmium and lead, with the best performance for environmentally friendly applications. Nanosys’s Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dot product is widely used for high DCI-P3 coverage (>98%) display applications.

  • HyperionTM Quantum Dots

Nanosys Hyperion Quantum Dots provides >90% BT.2020 color gamut coverage. Moreover, Hyperion Quantum Dot films does not require an exemption to the RoHS (European Union’s Restriction on Hazard Substance) Directive because this new technology is based on the new manufacturing technique that combines a Cadmium free red emitter with ultra-low Cadmium green emitter.

Nanosys’s Quantum Dot technology is leading to the development of one of the best display technologies in the industry. With nearly twenty years of experience of partnering with the major display makers in the world, Nanosys has built its brand in the areas of tablets, TVs and monitors. We have witnessed the following eight benefits of Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys.

Unmatched Color

The displays based on quantum dot technology are capable of realizing more than 90% of the color spectrum of UHD (Ultra High Definition) content that delivers a range of over 1 billion colors that closely matches the vibrant colors we have in real life in the home environment.

Realistic Brightness

Nanosys Quantum Dots based displays are efficient in producing more light with less energy than any other light sources. The TVs made of Nanosys Quantum Dots provide a realistic watching experience like looking out a window, an unparalleled experience that is enhanced by the high brightness brought by Nanosys’s Quantum Dots.


One hundred times faster than lightning, the switching on and off of Nanosys Quantum Dots takes only billionth of a second. This unmatched speed enables the displays based on Nanosys Quantum Dots to have the highest refresh rates resulting in clean motion cross black frame insertion without compromising brightness.


Generally, displays cannot look as great as they did when we just bought them. But displays based on Nanosys’s Quantum Dots will not disappoint you. The world’s largest TV maker recently offered an unprecedented 10 year no-burn-in guarantee for their flagship lineup of Quantum Dot TVs based on Nanosys technology.


Nanosys’s Quantum Dots produce finest pixels for high resolution displays. With Quantum Dot technology, it’s possible to create lifelike near-eye applications, such as AR/VR, as well as the future 32K TVs.


Nanosys Quantum Dots create true blacks in displays that can provide true contrast from the most brilliant brights to the deepest darks under all light conditions.


Nanosys’s Quantum Dot technology emerged as the first technology for 100% Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot TVs and monitors in 2015. Nanosys has been helping the display industry reduce reliance on Cadmium for heavy metal free products and offered new innovations like the Hyperion materials.


Nanosys’s Quantum Dot materials are solution based and require low cost for processing in open air, which enables display makers to achieve faster throughput with better yields and a lower Bill of Materials compared to other advanced display materials.

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