Analog Devices LTM46xx µModule POL Regulators for Variety of Power Supply Needs

September 11, 2018 Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, announced to stock the Power by Linear LTM46xx μModule power products from Analog Devices, a series of Point-of-Load (POL) regulators designed to reduce solution size and deliver reliable power circuit performance.  The LTM46xx  μModule regulators support step-down (buck), step-up (boost), and step-down and step-up (buck-boost) conversion with a wide array of function and feature combinations.

Analog Devices “µMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Simplify Power”
Ultra-thin Package

The ultra-thin package technology of LTM46xx μModule offers lots of advantages for design, such as placement on the PCB backside or share the heatsink with other micro controller ICs or ASICs. The benefits of using LTM46xx μModule regulators include reduced development time and saved board space for other functional circuitries.

The LTM46xx μModule has an ultra-thin package that can fit on the backside of the PCB with only 2 mm allowance

The LTM μModule can be placed on the backside of the PCB which has only 2mm allowance.

The LTM46xx μModule is as high as 1.82mm or 1.91mm that can fit in the space underneath the same heatsink of the microcontroller or AISCs

The thin LTM μModule can be easily placed underneath the same heatsink shared with other chips on the board.

The Analog Devices LTM46xx μModule Regulators are available in various BGA and LGA ultra-thin packages with small thicknesses down to only 1.82mm or 1.91mm, the same height as of a 1206 chip capacitor.

The LTM46xx μModule is available in various ultra-thin packages that are as high as a ceramic chip capacitor.
The LTM46xx μModule can be either LGA or BGA package that has a universal pad layout to simplify PCB design and board assembly.

The LGA and BGA packages have the universal pad layout that simplifies PCB design and assembly.


LTM46xx μModule regulators are highly integrated system-in-package (SiP) power management solutions that integrate a DC-DC controller, inductors, compensation components, power transistors, and input and output capacitors in one package, which reduces the time the designers must spend on circuit design, component selection, layout CAD. Integrating all those components in one package greatly reduces potential failure modes due to interconnections and component interactions. The device offers control and monitor functions including temperature monitoring, current monitoring, and output voltage monitoring, sequencing, and margining. Offering efficient power system management, the  μModule regulators increase reliability by delivering controlled voltage accuracy, fault reporting and logging, and remote debugging.

Analog Devices’ LTM46xx μModule is a highly integrated SiP (System-in-Package) power management solution that includes a controller, inductors, compensation components, filtering components and power switches, etc.
Product Lines

LTM46xx series of μModule regulators comprises 100 products in 15 product families with 22 package options. One of the options is the ultralow noise regulators that meet EN55022 (modified CISPR22) class B and CISPR 25 Class 5 requirements for EMC. Another option is the buck-boost regulators that operate from higher input voltage and feature integrated magnetics. There is also an option of ultrathin package that can fit on the back of the PCB or next to an ASIC or FPGA sharing the same cold plate or heat sink. The product families also provide multiple output devices, such as two, three, four or five outputs, allowing current sharing of outputs to increase load current and ON/OFF or sequencing of each output. The Tune-a-μModule option provides access to the internal compensation network to optimize the regulator for high output accuracy, fast transient response, or minimal output capacitance.

The LTM46xx series μModule regulators are integrated with a heatsink on the top of the device for easy removal of heat generated during operation.
LTM46xx series μModule regulators also provide the CoP (Component on Package) option that integrates an inductor on the top of the package to assist heat removal.

The LTM46xx μModule regulators offer so many advantages to power circuit designers in saving board real estate, reducing development cost and simplifying design validations.

A traditional switching regulator LTC3633 with dual 3A outputs would require many external components including inductors, resistors and capacitors, which occupy much of the PCB area.


The new LTM4622 μModule solution only requires few external resistors and capacitors, which largely saves board area.

The traditional LTC3605 4A Monolithic Regulator requires external inductors and occupies a 15 mm x 15 mm area. In contrast, the new LTM4644 4A Quad μModule regulator requires only capacitors and occupies a 12 mm x 20 mm area for 4 x 4A outputs. Using the LTM4644 μModule would save up to 73% board area. Moreover, LTM4644 Quad μModule offers flexibility of configuring the 4 outputs to be single, dual, triple or quad output.

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