TI General Purpose Bidirectional MUX Switches TMUX1247

Today, smart devices become more cost-efficient. The trend is to have small package and reduced I/O pins. Very often, the designers have a device that has only the enough resources for the designated application. This can be challenging sometimes when the designers want to make a change to the old design or they want to add some new features to it, but it turns out that no more resources, such as no spare IO’s or ADC inputs. In such a case, the designer may have to scratch up a new design instead of making small changes to the old one. Now, designers can resort to analog/digital multiplexers (MUX) to resolve this dilemma.


TI TMUX1247 5V bidirectional 2:1 (SPDT) switch is a general-purpose CMOS single-pole double-throw (SPDT) multiplexer switch that enables us easily multiplexing analog and digital switching as well as I2C and SPI communication buses. TMUX1247 switches between two input sources according to the state of the SEL pin. The multiplexer allows a wide operating supply from 1.08V to 5.5V for various applications, such as personal electronics, IoT devices, building automation and industrial controls.

Block Diagram of TI TMUX1247 5V bidirectional 2:1 (SPDT) switch

The device supports bidirectional signals ranging from rail to rail. The supply current draw is as low as 4nA to allow wide use in mobile applications. For digital signal multiplexing, the logic inputs have 1.8V compatible thresholds to allow both TTL and CMOS logic compatibility. This feature is extremely useful in a case when we need to connect a 1.8V device to a 3.3V device. Without the integrated 1.8V logic capability, we must use an external level translator/shifter that will increase cost and complexity. The device has also a fail-safe circuitry to allow applying voltages on the control pins before the supply pin to avoid potential damage and it eliminates the need for power supply sequencing on the logic control pins.

  • Analog and Digital Switching
  • I2C and SPI bus Multiplexing
  • Remote radio units
  • Active antenna system MIMO(AAS)
  • Barcode scanner
  • Motor drives
  • Building automation
  • Analog input module
  • Power delivery
  • Video surveillance
  • Electronic point of sale
  • Appliances
  • Consumer audio
Analog input switching application of TMUX1247 General Purpose Switch
Multiple gain selection application of TMUX1247 General Purpose Switch

Read more: https://www.ti.com/product/TMUX1247


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