Allegro’s Coreless Current Sensors Ideal for PCB or Busbar Installation

Allegro’s ACS37612 is a coreless current sensor that is ideal for PCB or busbar installation. The ACS37612 offers cost efficient and high precision for AC and DC current sensing in automotive and industrial applications. The sensor is based on differential Hall Effect sensing principle. Therefore, it is theoretically free of errors caused by common mode stray magnetic field and needs no laminated shield that is commonly required by competing solutions. The advantages of this technology are the reduced size, number of components in the system assembly and high isolation between the sensor and the under-test circuit.

The ACS37612 coreless current sensor has a range of current measurement from 200A to more than 1000A with a typical accuracy of 1%. The bandwidth of ACS37612 is 240k Hz that is ideal for applications that require fast switching, such as measuring the phase currents, load detection and management in inverters, switch mode power supplies and DC-DC converters. Also, the ACS37612 has very high response time that makes it ideal for short circuit and overloading detection in safety applications. The sensor has a wide range of operating temperature, from -40 to 150 C along with an excellent ESD rating, that are perfectly suitable for automotive environment.

The ACS37612 coreless and shield-free current sensor



  • High voltage traction inverters
  • Auxiliary inverters for integrated
  • Starter generators (iBSG)
    • 12V and 48V systems
    • Direct connect or belt driven systems.
  • Battery disconnect junction boxes
  • Disconnect and smart fuse functionsDC/DC converter


  • Switching power supplies
    • DC/DC converters
    • DC/AC inverters
  • Grid infrastructure and power distribution

Functional Diagram

The functional block diagram of the ACS37612 coreless and shield-free current sensor
The working principle of te ACS37612 coreless current sensor
The busbar installation for ACS37612 coreless current sensor
The PCB installation for ACS37612 coreless current sensor
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